If you have been wondering what I have been up to well here it is! All the time spent drinking half & half milk tea to slave away in front of the computer has paid off and I am proud to say two NEW blogs of mine are now LIVE! The first has been a beauty in the making – Je T’aime Boudoir, my boudoir + portrait blogsite! Special thanks to my new intern, Michelle for helping me get the new site in order (more on Michelle to follow on another blog post =)). The blogsite combines the features of a blog + portfolio in one. The simplicity of the design really showcases what’s meant to stand out: the beauty of the women on my blog. I am really honored to have captured such wonderful women (inside + out) and happy they let me share their gorgeous images with my readers. Remember it’s a blog so be sure to check back often for regular beautiful postings.

Je T'aime Boudoir, Morning Lavender, kim le photography boudoir, wedding blog

The second is something else I’ve been cooking up with my dear friend + fellow wedding industry professional, Helen Tao. After being in the wedding industry for several years, we are often asked for wedding recommendations, ideas and input. So we thought we start a wedding resource blog where we can provide readers with fresh wedding ideas + products. We are constantly researching to find these amazing items and streamline the wedding process for readers everywhere. We hope you enjoy our new venture at MORNING LAVENDER!!!! Our first post is just in time for St. Patty’s Day =).

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Je T'aime Boudoir, Morning Lavender, kim le photography boudoir, wedding blog

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  1. After all is said and done, it will be the images of your day that will help you to always remember all of the emotion, laughter, tears and sacredness of that day. The scary thing is, what if your wedding photos are, well, less than satisfactory?

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