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sharing is caring

“tell me baby” I often get asked by couples for wedding planning tips and vendor referrals, which I do not mind at all. I’ve experienced quite a few weddings (but not my own! =)) so I have a general understanding of what makes a wedding great and not so great. I must admit I love hearing about the wedding planning from my couples. I think every wedding is so unique to every couple and tells…read more

new year = new blog

“changes” Congrats!!! You made it here to my fabulous new blog! YAY!!! So okay, it doesn’t look much different (why fix something that ain’t broke?!?), but it is powered by super cool WordPress. WordPress is this new advanced blogging tool with all kinds of neat features. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to blog! It’s such a fun way to express yourself and communicate to the rest of this crazy world we live in. So…read more


“the way i are” A few FAQ… Ok first, what’s your name? It seems weird, but people ask me this all the time! Ok, my first name is “Kim Le”. I’ve never been a hyphen kind of girl, so it has always confused people, even my friends. My full name is “Kim Le Thi Pham”, with “Thi” being my middle name and “Pham” being my last name. To make matters even more confusing, I am…read more

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