kim le's korner #5

“if i had eyes” This week: short & sweet (like me=)) Ok I’m so sorry for being such a bad blogger lately but I do have a good reason!! I scratched both of my eye corneas a few weeks ago and it has been taking forever to heal. I have to wear my bottlecap glasses most of the time, have 3 prescription eye drops and still can’t be in front of the computer for long…read more

kim le's korner #4

“when i grow up” Here it goes…. The latest craze on the internet and YouTube is this ongoing online danceoff between Miley Cyrus (yes, Hannah Montana) and her friend Mandy versus a group is led by Jon Chu, who directed the dance flick Step Up 2: The Streets and Adam Sevani who also acted in the film. Miley & Mandy are calling themselves “M&M” while Chu and company are calling themselves “ACDC”. A lil’ confusing…read more

kim le's korner #3

“get like me” I know you’ve been waiting for it….   Judging by last weekend’s weather, I take back last week’s kim le’s korner comment where I said it doesn’t feel like summer yet. Summer is definitely here. I still can’t believe the Lakers lost so miserably in the NBA finals. I’m way more sad than I was when the Patriots lost the Superbowl. It didn’t help that the Celtics celebrated the entire second half…read more

kim le's korner #1

“read my mind” Drumroll please!!! I’m starting this new thing on my blog called “Kim Le’s Korner“. The name has cheese melted all over it, but you know you love it =). So basically “Kim Le’s Korner” will be personal antedotes, random rants, girly gossip, and any other lil’ tidbits floating around in my head. I may be lil’, but I do have a lotta of thoughts! Or maybe I just have a lot to…read more