A few months ago, I created Je T’aime Boudoir, to focus on glamorous, sexy, and stylish boudoir photography (je t’aime means “i love you” – I have a slight obsession with French). I love these sessions because of how fun they are do and how my clients always leave feeling super confident, sexy and gorgeous. Boudoir photography allows me to express more of a editorial style and creativity while capture the beauty of women. I…read more

GEETU + NING | Newport Beach Wedding

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Geetu + Ning over the past several months over food (of course), many laughs and Ning assisting me on various shoots as a photographer. Geetu + Ning are a fun energetic couple with a love for superheroes, board games, their dog Ewok and most noticeably, each other. They finally made it official after being together 17 years and their love is clearly stronger than ever. I…read more