the love bug

“just can’t get enough”

Valentine’s Day is my second most favorite holiday (after Christmas!!!). I just love how everything is sooo cute and pink this time of the year. I can spend hours at that $1 aisle at Target – you know where they sell cheap seasonal stuff?! I loooove it! Oh and of course I love sharing the day with the bf. He makes everyday better =). Here’s us from Valentine’s last year:


Soooo you’re prolly wondering why I constantly refer to him as “the bf”. It’s my lil’ homage to the-must-watch-over-and-over Sex in the City. I contemplated calling him “Mr. Big” but I didn’t want to give him a bigger head than he already has =P. Sex in the City is my favorite television series of all time – it’s just so funny and relatable. I stay up just to watch the reruns at night on KTLA – even though I’ve seen the same episode a hundred times. I can’t wait for the movie to come out in May!!!

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