march madness

“please don’t stop the music'”

Hi everyone!!! Wow – what a crazy and fun week it has been for me! I spent all last week at my home-away-from-home – Las Vegas!!! I attended the annual Wedding Portraits & Photographers International (WPPI) Convention & Trade Show, where I networked with wonderful photographers, picked up some new gear and shot some amazing sessions. I think I slept a total of 30 hours all week but it was sooo worth it! Then on Saturday, I shot Wendy & Wes‘ fabulous wedding which was also in lovely Las Vegas. In the midst of it all, I managed to lose some moola at the blackjack tables =( and keep up with the real “March Madness” in support of my UCLA Bruins!!! Bruins all the way baby! Then I rushed home on Sunday to celebrate Easter with the phamily. *Whew!*

Stay tuned for posts on all the madness!!!

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