big mac

“welcome to my life”

Yup I made the switch!!! I bought my first MAC this weekend and I’m in love! It’s just soooo pretty. Forget all the nifty features – I just sit there and stare at him. I know I’m weird – I name things of mine I really love! I haven’t thought of a name for him yet, so I think I’ll just call him my “Mac Daddy” for now =).

So what’s the first thing I do with my Mac Daddy?! Take pictures of course! I just love how Apple packages their products:

vegas trash the dress

I forked out the big bucks for this symbol right here:

vegas trash the dress

He fits so nicely on my desk =) And check out the reflection of me taking the pic in the monitor…lol!

vegas trash the dress

*Sigh* Ok now I have to go figure out to use him…hahah…ttyl! =)

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