another one bites the dust…

“bye bye”

So my birthday is officially over now… I got to share a wonderful evening with the bf and some close friends. The bf brought over lbs of one of my favorite foods: yummy crawfish from The Boiling Crab and a delicious chocolate birthday cake. My roomie Katie also baked me some super cute and fabulous birthday cupcakes. Couldn’t have asked for a better time with great friends and great food.

Check out our crawfish flower – I know we are strange. I love the crawfish – it’s sooo garlicky and spicy!

my bday

I’m lucky to have such great roomies! Katie is quite the baker!

trish and matt wedding

My favorite part of bdays?! Just like weddings – the cake! Props to the bf for picking out such a super cake! YUM!

trish and matt wedding

Thanks to everyone else for all the lovely birthday wishes!!!

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