kim le's korner #8


I know you’ve been missing it!!! It’s finally baaackk!!! There’s tons I can ramble about but I’ll spare all of you and just talk about a few things =P.

  • First, I have the news on and they are reporting Madonna & Guy Ritchie are getting divorced?! And yes that’s on the world news tonight!
  • Secondly, the Dodgers, like the Patriots (lost in the Superbowl), the Bruins (lost in the Final 4) and the Lakers (lost in the Finals!) are making me mad. They better win tonight and come back from their 3-1 deficit! Am I just cursing all of the teams I root for?! AHHHHH!!!!
  • Thirdly, I will keep my TV talk to a minimum this time, but I just want to say I am obsessed with Gossip Girl. I know 17 year olds drinking martinis at bars isn’t realistic, but it’s sooooo gooood and puts the new 90210 to shame.
  • Fourthly, my eyes are acting up again. They are severely dry and extremely sensitive to bright lights. I can’t even wear my contacts and the other morning it was hard to open my eyes. I must have like 5 different type of eye drops going in there and still they get worse again! My eye doctor told me I don’t blink enough and stare at the computer too long. So if I’m blinking constantly the next time you see me you’ll know why! Oh and if worse comes to worse, I will need something called punctal plugs for my eyes to create more tears. More tears?! I doubt I need that (the bf will agree =P). Maybe I should just rent the movie “P.S. I Love You” 10 more times. If you haven’t seen it, you must! It made me cry a river.
  • Fifthly (I doubt I am using the correct word here), I can’t believe it’s mid October already. Where did summer go?! I am diggin all of the Fall clothes though. I love all of the shades of grey/gray this season.
  • And finally, I am still in withdrawal from the most awesome concert I have ever been to! Sorry Justin, but Jordan was better!!! *Sigh* Photos to come!
  • Keep checking back for more posts, I have 2 baby/family sessions, 2 boudoir sessions to post and 3 weddings in November that I am really excited about! YAAAAY!!!

many xoxo,

Kim Le

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