kim le's korner #12

“gives you hell”

MAC down!!!!!!!!!!  I was in the process of editing my fabulous boudoir sessions when my iMAC suddenly died on me!  It just shut down and the power refused to come back on!  Maybe the boudoir sessions were sooo HOT, my MacDaddy couldn’t handle it! LOL – it’s important to laugh at everything, right?!  Anyway, after what seemed like hours of trying everything, I finally brought my sad Mac to the Apple Store where they diagnosed it a problem with the power supply and I have been separated from my MacDaddy ever since.  Of course I back everything up, so no worries on the loss of photos, but it’s been tough not having my workhorse available for my editing.  Plus my room looks so sad without it’s beautiful 24 inch screen. Hopefully he will come home soon…sigh….

In the mean time, I thought I would catch you up on the latest saga(s) of my life.  Ok not that interesting, but here are my miscellaneous musings for this korner:

  • May has kind of a not-so-great month for me in recent years.  I think I will hibernate for all of May 2010.  Thanks.
  • One thing I truly do love about May is the NBA Playoffs!  I am a basketball nut, especially a-fan-for-life of the LAKERS.  To be continued…I hope!
  • I am moving in 5 days AGAIN.  I counted and I realized that I will be moving for the 8th time in 7 years!!!  It’s crazy!!! I should just own my own moving truck.  Heck I should just live in a truck.  But then again where would I put all of my shoes?!
  • I had the best Memorial weekend.  No computer = unfortunately no editing :).  Soooo I spent the weekend eating, eating and more eating.  And oh yeah I got in about an hour of activity by renting a beach cruiser with friends and zipped along the beautiful Balboa Peninsula.  It was one of those days, where you think to yourself “life is goooood“.  Summer is almost here and I *heart* summer and everything about it!  I love the brighter sun, later sunsets and warmer weather.  Plus I have some amazing weddings on the way and fabulous trips planned for this summer!!!  It will be one super busy, super fun summer!!!
  • Since I can’t edit any photos right now, I thought I would share our hilarious photobooth pic from Cynthia & Ron’s wedding I second shot with the lovely Sarah K Chen and her hubby Jeff.  Check out lil’ Ron sneaking behind me and Sarah’s eyepatch! LOL!  A full blog post of Cynthia & Ron’s amazing day coming soon!
  • cynthia and ron wedding photobooth

  • Ok enough with this korner.  I know you are just going to scroll down and look at the beautiful boudoirs again anyways :).

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