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“two become one”

A few weeks ago, I decided to try something that I have been saying I needed to do: learn how to SWIM. Yes after seeing my countless photos of vacationing on the sands of Bahamas, Cancun and Miami, it’s hard to believe that this little Asian girl has almost drowned in a foot of ocean water. And that’s a true story – just ask my friends. So finaaaaally, I decided it was time for me to channel my inner Nemo and become one with the water. Simple enough? Not quite – just ask my swimming instructor/roommate. During our first session, I clung onto her like a baby getting her first bath. It was hard for her to convince me to even put my face in the water. But, slowly over a few sessions, I became more comfortable with the water and began to think maybe I can really do this. I can’t quite do a Michael Phelp’s impression just yet, but I am learning and conquering my fears. I am learning that it’s never too late in life to try something new, step outside of your boundaries and really find yourself. So the next time you may be scared to do something, just imagine a little Asian girl drowning in a foot of water and maybe it won’t convince you to do it, but it will definitely give you a nice chuckle.

Did you really think I’d post a picture of me struggling for dear life?!

swimming by kim le photography

And yes I wear pink goggles…and a polka dot bikini.

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