gone sea dreamin'!

“all at sea”

Somebody pleeaaase pinch me because I feel like I’m in a really amazing dream! I am leaving today for another major trip and this time it has me going to gorgeous San Juan, Puerto Rico! From there, I will be embarking on the beautiful SeaDream Yacht to shoot Kim & Adam’s amaaaazing Caribbean wedding!!!! We will be traveling from San Juan to St. John and then St. Thomas! Seriously, I still can’t believe I’ve been given this incredible opportunity! I guess those swimming lessons might come in handy after all ;). And no I cannot fully swim yet and so yes I will be paying attention to the life vest lessons on the yacht very closely :).

Please keep in mind while I would love to be answering your phone calls or checking emails while standing on the sandy beaches of St. Thomas, I will be unable to do so as there is no cell phone or internet service. I know, I was really hoping to do some work instead of work on my golden tan :). *Sigh*…it’s a tough life but I will live it for all of us :).  I have always been a team player :). As such, I will not be able to respond to messages until Monday, November 16, 2009.

And if you are more of a visual person, I will be on board this big beauty:

seadream yacht kim le photography

AND I have an even BIGGER trip planned for this month…stay tuned more more exciting details!

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