kim le's korner #1

“read my mind” Drumroll please!!! I’m starting this new thing on my blog called “Kim Le’s Korner“. The name has cheese melted all over it, but you know you love it =). So basically “Kim Le’s Korner” will be personal antedotes, random rants, girly gossip, and any other lil’ tidbits floating around in my head. I may be lil’, but I do have a lotta of thoughts! Or maybe I just have a lot to…read more

save the date!!!

“wait for you” NKOTB just released more tour dates and they are performing at Los Angeles Staples Center on October 8, 2008!!!! 144 days to go!!! I’ve waited 27 years for this!!! I hope my mom will let me & my sister go this time! Plus I woke up this morning to NKOTB performing on The Today Show! Talk about starting off the morning right! They looked soooo good and still have “the right stuff”!…read more

monday blues

“almost doesn’t count” Last Monday – I was thrilled by the great news of NKOTB’s return. This Monday, I am saddened by the New England’s Patriots unbelievable loss yesterday to the New York Giants in the Superbowl. Tom – I am here if you need me.

nkotb part deux

nkotb part deux

“bringing sexy back” So last night, after hearing the great news about NKOTB‘s comeback, I tried finding my old NKOTB t-shirt at my mom’s house. To my dismay, I think my momma sold the shirt during one of her infamous garage sales (along with my Strawberry Shortcake doll!). But to my delight, I found these old-skool pics of me and my St. Anthony of Padua schoolmates instead: So the quality’s not that great – I…read more

nkotb returns!!!

“i’ll be loving you (forever)” BIG, BIG news for Monday!!! The New Kids on the Block a.k.a NKOTB are making a comeback!!! You can read about the exciting details by clicking here! And boy am I excited!!! It brings me back to my childhood days when I was sporting the NKOTB shoelaces and signing my diary “Mrs. Joey McIntyre“. LOL. Sure I was like 8 years old, but I knew I was in love with…read more

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