jennifer & ruben: wedding

“a sorta fairytale”

The garden terrace of the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel, CA had been transformed on October 14, 2007 into exactly how Jennifer always dreamed her wedding day would look. There was a beautiful white gazebo set as the centerpiece for this grand event, with 100 chairs of pink and white lined up and a quiet fountain brought a sweet serenity to the afternoon ceremony. Aside from all the charming details, it had the essence of what makes a traditional Chinese wedding so special: family, family and more family! Family was all present throughout the terrace, grinning ear-to-ear and ringing with sounds of happiness and laughter. Jennifer & Ruben were exactly the same way – they had not stopped smiling since the moment they woke up on this blessed day. (I’m also convinced Jennifer was born with a mega-watt smile on her face =)). It was the day they had both been waiting for – the day their fairytale was brought to life. Jennifer & Ruben – thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day!Here’s a recap of the magical afternoon:

The enchanting elements:



The father walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle:

The scene:



Some more charming details:


Jennifer and her endless glow:

The tea-ceremony done a lil’ non-traditionally =):

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