ladies' night

“where my girls at???”

I looove meeting new people, which is partly why I looove what I do so much. Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting together with a group of fabulous Southern California female photographers for dinner at yummy Javier’s at the Irvine Spectrum. Our wonderful dinner group included Christine Farah, Jonilyn Brown, Katy Regnier and Sarah K. Chen. We shared stories, ideas, cupcakes (thanks Crissy!) and mostly laughs. If you know me, you know I looove cupcakes, especially red velvet ones! Katy snagged this pic of me & Crissy enjoying our cupcakes:


Our lovely entourage of ladies then headed to Victor Sizemore’s house where he was hosting a networking party for Southern California photographers. I networked with a lot of great industry folks, including the infamous [b]ecker. [b]ecker took this pic of us with his new Nikon and posted it on his blog (i’m now famous – lol!):

victor sizemore party

Top Row: Christine Farah, Ray of Red Cheese, Sarah K. Chen, Serena Grace and Jonilyn Brown
Bottom Row: Katy Regnier, yours truly with my super cheesy smile, Eddie Bojorquez, and Susan Yee

The party also had one of those fun photo booths by Red Cheese. We had a lil’ fun and tried to squeeze in as many people as we could. Luckily there were a few lil’ Asian girls like myself =). Unlucky for me – I had to be in the back since it was the smallest space. I think you can make out my eyes & forehead towards the top! So fun! I would recommend having this at any wedding, except with less people in the booth at one time – I think it was about to tip over at one point!

victor sizemore party

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