introducing baby jordyn!


In light of the passing of some amazing American icons, I think it’s a reminder of how precious life really is.  I am fortunate to photograph the beginning of life and see how beautiful it is to welcome someone into the world.  Hot mama Sherylle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Jordyn on June 3, 2009.  13 days later, I visited the beautiful family for some newborn photos of Jordyn and wow she is the cutest little thing!  Congrats to Sherylle and lovely family!

Some table reading and parental help:

baby Jordyn

Just chilling:

baby Jordyn

Jordyn was wearing the cutest little onesy:

baby Jordyn

And the cutest little hat:

baby Jordyn

Ok I’ll stop going on and on about her cuteness, but seriously, look at those cute lil hands?!

baby Jordyn

To poop or not to poop – that is the question“…LOL..this shot was NOT posed folks!

baby Jordyn

So if you have been reading my blog, you know I just LOVE me some baby feet. And I just could not decide which photo I liked best so I posted all three:

baby Jordyn

baby Jordyn

baby Jordyn

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  1. Joni Dalton

    LOVE, Joni (Dylan’s Aunt)

  2. Mary Schnitzer

    She is beautiful! I see both Sherylle and Dylan in her. How bright eyed she is! I love the hat!

  3. Nanette McCartney

    She is so beautiful! Nice photos. Love the close ups of the toes and hands..Great effects. The pose with her in the hat is my fav That is just Keeeee-UUUuTE!!
    Hugs, Aunt Nan

  4. Cyndie McCartney

    When I held Jordyn the other day and studied the arch in her feet and her cute little toes, I couln’t recall tha last time I’d felt so much at peace and living in the moment.
    Papa Bear’s Mom, alias Grandma

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