another year older!

I’ll spare details of how old I am now officially – after some point I think you just stop counting :). My birthday is today and I already feel so blessed to share it with all the people that make my life so special!  Yesterday, my family, friends & boyfriend threw me a surprise birthday party at one of my favorite Socal restaurants California Shabu Shabu. Special thanks to Jason + Mirei for organizing the surprise, Helen for making super cute/embarrassing KLP t-shirts and getting everyone to wear them, my super baker sister, Kim (yes many Kims in the phamily) for making delicious bejeweled cupcakes and camera cake pops and Leonard, the owner of Califoria Shabu Shabu who was nice enough to let us do a little KLP decorating at the restaurant =). With 20 of my closest family & friends there – we practically took over half of the restaurant! Thank you to everyone who came and showed some KLP love =). I get a little sad turning older every year but I get so much happier knowing that I get to share everyday with the people I love and doing what I love!


Kim Le Photography, wedding photography, destination wedding photography


Kim Le Photography, wedding photography, destination wedding photography


On a side note, I’m leaving today on a road trip to central California for my good friends’ wedding this Saturday! I’m so honored to be sharing in such a special time! I have lots to blog about when I get back in a few days!

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