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Congrats!!! You made it here to my fabulous new blog! YAY!!! So okay, it doesn’t look much different (why fix something that ain’t broke?!?), but it is powered by super cool WordPress. WordPress is this new advanced blogging tool with all kinds of neat features. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to blog! It’s such a fun way to express yourself and communicate to the rest of this crazy world we live in.

So back to my lovely new blog… I am what you would call a perfectionist so I am always trying to find new ways to improve and build upon everything in my life. For my blog, I added these super easy navigation tabs up top and to the right – keeping with my pink & brown theme of course. And (drum roll please!!!) there’s a contact form on the contact page! How exciting is that?!? Okay maybe not that exciting, but it’s just another way for you to reach me and me to reach you! So feel free to leave me a message or two. OH! I almost forgot the most important part! I have a new blog address – “ta-da!“:



Please read aloud – doesn’t it just roll off your tongue?! Okay, maybe it doesn’t but it is a lil’ shorter than my previous address. So please do whatever you need to memorize it: bookmark it, digg it, write it on your forehead or text it to yourself. Whatever you need to keep on visiting it! =) I will redirect from my old blog just so you don’t miss a beat!!!

And in more exciting non-Britney related news, my website will be coming soon!!! It’s in the works and there is light at the end of the tunnel. So please stay tuned!!!

I just realized I ended 90% of the sentences in this post with exclamation points. I guess I am just really excited about my new blog! I hope you are too! =)

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