no tricks or treats

“i work hard for my money”

Due to oodles and oodles of work this week, (and month and year), I sadly cannot participate in this year’s Halloween festivities. It is a holiday I am willing to forgo in lieu of bigger and better treats down the road =). I am also currently working in the city of Chicago where as lovely as it is, it is also very chilly and windy (especially to a SoCal girl like myself) and therefore, leaves me lil’ options for cute costumes =). So for today, I only have pictures and fond memories of last year’s trick n’ treating in WeHo. Unfortunately, I have no candy left from last year =(. If you like to send me some in Chicago, my faves are Snickers and Reese Pieces/Cups. Thanks.

Yes I was Supergirl (with Sailorgirl and Wonderwoman) – we were a year younger and so ready to save the world. This year I rather be saved =).


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