1000 to go!

“it’s my life”

I have wanted to do this for a while and since I am officially 1000 days from my 30th birthday, I decided to start this countdown today. I know what you are thinking – “30 is nothing”, “30 is the new 20”, “you still look 16”, etc… Those may all be true, but for me turning the Big 3-0 serves as a marker in my life – recognizing that I’ve already lived 27 years and although I have very many cherished memories and am extremely grateful for all the things I have, there is so much I still have yet and would like to experience and accomplish.

So I put up this handy countdown to serve as a helpful reminder to never lose sight of my goals and follow through – to do all those things that I say I’ve always wanted to do” or “I’ve been meaning to do but never or haven’t recently taken the time to do:

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