nina & eric: engagement

“no one”

It was a lil’ early on a Sunday morning but Nina, Eric & I didn’t mind at all – we had such a great time shooting their engagement session in Long Beach, CA.  Nina & Eric are so genuinely nice and easy to talk to.  They have such sweet souls and their love could not be more evident than it was on this early April morning.  They nailed every pose I asked them to do, but in particular they were pros at the kissing shots.  I had to keep on saying: “break it up you two!” =P.   

**Nina & Eric – What can I say??? I wish I wasn’t booked for your wedding day – I am sure your wedding will be filled with great memories and lots of joy. Hopefully, we will get to go out for some Persian food soon =).  xoxo, Kim Le

I fell in love with this blue wall:

nina & eric engagement

Kissing shot #383,569 =):

nina & eric engagement

Eric sure knows how to make Nina smile:

nina & eric engagement

And keep her close =)

nina & eric engagement

Nina has such beautiful eyes and a smile to match! 

nina & eric engagement

I’d be smiling if I had this ring too! 😉

nina & eric engagement

Who knew Long Beach had such unique shot locations???

nina & eric engagement

Like the incredible Lion’s Lighthouse for Sight in the Long Beach Harbor: 

nina & eric engagement

Wanna see more??? I know you do! Click HERE for Nina & Eric’s SLIDESHOW!

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  1. I love this set Kim! I love that blue wall too… but man, I don’t think I could wake up that early for pics on a Sunday 🙂 hehe! Miss you 🙂

  2. I have a lot of childhood memories in Long Beach with my cousins. We used to ride our bikes to the beach and fish near where you took some of these pictures. That area has changed a lot but some of the structure remains the same. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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