today was a good day…

“the right stuff”

Soooo why was today sooo good you ask??? Well because I got a few new things!!! The first is not for me, but for Galina & Steve’s wedding on Saturday! Their engagement album/guest book arrived in the email today and it’s just so lovely I had to share it with you all:

guest book

I think albums that double as guest books are a great idea and great way to share your photos with your family & friends. Plus they are so much better than the boring guest books that come in plain white and just have lines in them. C’mon – you know you want one! =)

And the second thing I got today is just for me – mine, all mine!!! Yep, NKOTB’s new CD “The Block”. What a title?! !! And the songs are awesome!!! They have all these collaborations including one with New Edition!!! I have the CD on repeat in my car!! C’mon – you know you want one of these too!! =P


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  1. You are a brave woman for posting in a public forum that you still like NKTOB. LOL.

    Okay, now that I got that off my chest, the guestbook looks great! 🙂 Definitely much better than the store bought ones…

  2. Galina

    The guestbook was absolutely amazing and was a great hit with all of our guests!!! I can’t stop looking at it…that’s how beautiful it is. It was one of the best wedding gifts that Steve and I received – THANK YOU Kim!

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