going down under!!!

“leaving, on a jet plane”

That’s right!!! TODAY I am leaving for my first trip to Australia!!! I know – I am quite the jet setter! =) I am going with my mommy and a friend to visit my uncle (for the first time!) and some friends!! I am soooo excited!!! My mom hasn’t seen her brother in 30 years and I have never met my uncle so it will be a very heartfelt trip! I have never flown this far (14 hours!!!) but if you know me, you know I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere! We are visiting 4 cities in a week and a half so it should be a fun and busy trip!

I will be definitely taking lots of pictures and create one super edition of “kim le’s korner” when I get back. Until then, unfortunately, you won’t be hearing my lil’ voice until September 18, 2008. I know, sad, but there’s always football and the new 90210 to watch! =)

G’day, mate!! =)

I’ll see if these really exist:

guest book

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