congrats galina & steve!


Before I left for down under, I had the honor of being a guest at Galina & Steve’s incredible wedding! Their wedding was one of the best weddings I have ever witnessed. Their wedding was non-stop entertainment, laughs and good times. Not to mention they had cocktail hour with an open bar and sushi BEFORE the ceremony even started, a dessert bar AND wedding cake, a made-to-order cappuccino bar, candy station with chocolate covered raisins (my fave), 20 appetizers for each person (that does not include the main course!), a band that sang “World Hold On” by Bob Sinclar, beautiful Russian dancers and oh endless bottles of Vodka and wine at each table!!! Now that’s what I call a party in any culture!!! More importantly, I have never seen Galina & Steve happier than they were on their wedding day. Congrats you crazy kids!!! “Gor’ko” (means kiss in Russian) one more time for me!!! =)

Here’s a photo my friend took of me and my dear friend Gayla, a.k.a the beautiful bride. I didn’t take any photographs that day – I was being a guest as strictly ordered by the bride =).

galina wedding

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