kim le's korner #10


Here’s the first kim le’ korner of 2009!!! Woohoo!!! I know you have been missing my randomness! =)

  • The Bachelor this season is soooo goood. So much drama already! Can you believe it has been on for 13 seasons?! I must be getting old-er =). What’s the success rate – like 0/12 so far?! Oh well it’s still must-see-TV for me! =)
  • I was loving the warm Socal weather in January. Why can’t it be like that 365 days a year instead of 300? =P I know the East Coast peeps are hating me right now =).
  • My favorite new song is “Halo” by Beyonce. How lucky is she to have sung the first dance song for our new president.
  • I saw the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” a few weeks ago and it is amazing!!! You have to see it! Probably the best movie of the year!
  • I have been a good girl and have not shopped in 2009 yet. But I have bought some new camera gear so I guess that kinda cancels itself out. You can argue that camera gear is an investment but I think Louis Vuitton handbags are as well =). Uh-oh now I’m on the website looking at LV handbags. Help!
  • I knew I wasn’t meant to be a lawyer. I could not even convince my kooky-I-love-Jonathan-forever sister to go on the NKOTB cruise with me. Yes NKOTB trapped on a boat with me!!! She said something about asking her husband! I said, you mean Jonathan?!
  • You would think with it not being wedding season right now I would have all this time to relax, catch up on LOST (I’m like 3 seasons behind), organize my room, dance around the house to Lady Gaga and everything else I have put off in the last 5 months, but there has been oodles of KLP goodness to do round here. Stay tuned to the blog because I have an exciting announcement coming next week! Sorry mom – it has nothing to do with the “Single Ladies” Beyonce song.

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