mission accomplished!!!

“hangin’ tough”

You know when I put my mind to something – it gets done!!!

So my sister and I went to the NKOTB concert at the Hollywood Palladium this past Saturday expecting to scream our heads off as the boys/men serenaded us with “Please Don’t Go Girl” and “My Favorite Girl”.  We didn’t expect that we would be up close and personal with Donnie!!!  After an amazing concert where we were only about 5 rows away from them and an even more amazing after-party at the House of Blues on Sunset, we found ourselves at the after-after party where my sister met Joey (I sadly missed him) and we both met Donnie was who super cute (*swoon*) and super nice.   Ok so we sort of talked our way into the after-after party, but who needs details?!  The important thing is after 21 years, my dreams have finally come true!  I’m not sure if that’s happy or sad…lol.

Anyhoo, here’s a recap of our exciting adventure:

We begin at 3pm on a very hot and sunny Saturday afternoon.  Yes we were waiting in line at 3pm for a 7:30pm concert and yes there were like 100 people ahead of us!  Some women had camped out the night before!!!  I’m sporting my “Cover Girl” shirt – it’s like I knew I was gonna meet Donnie!!

nkotb concert

Ok so I got a lil’ excited when I saw their tour bus. LOL.

nkotb concert

We finally get in 4 hours later but soooo worth it!!! Except I’m not so sure about Joey’s gold jacket.

nkotb concert

At the after-after party with one of the Jabbawockeez who opened for NKOTB:

nkotb concert

And the grand finale…*sigh*… I kinda wished he smiled but I think he was trying to look tough =). Or maybe he was scared of two crazy lil’ Asian girls.

nkotb concert

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