brace yourself!

“i’m too sexy”

I just finished a long & fulfilling weekend in Sacramento shooting My & James lovely wedding. I can’t wait to share their pics, but first I wanted to update you all with the big news of last week: I got braces ya’ll!!! No, not Invisalign or clear ones, straight pedal to the metal. So yes, I now look like a 12 year old wedding photographer/prodigy. People will be wondering how that lil’ girl takes such amazing photos! 🙂 I’ve never been entirely unhappy with my teeth, but I think there’s always room for self-improvement. My family could not afford braces growing up and I told myself I would get them once I started making my own money. After putting it off for years, I finally gave in and decided if I can swim now (or at least attempt to), I can do anything – right?! I must admit – the first few days were torture! I couldn’t eat anything and the idea of not drinking a coke or gnawing on a nice piece of rib-eye really got the best of me. And whenever I talked to people, I swore they were staring right at my braces. But, after a week, I feel more positive with the experience and am excited to get my orange & black rubber bands for Halloween :). Ok maybe not…maybe I’ll just hide my mouth behind my camera for the next 12 months.

So here’s the worldwide web unveiling of my braces with a photo I took Saturday night with a friend of mine/guest at My & James wedding. Sorry folks, there is no zooming in on the mouth here. You will just have to schedule an appointment/shoot with me to see it live in person :). And let me add this is how I look after 13 hours of shooting and most of it in 100 degree weather!

photography by kim le photography

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