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“the power of love”

It really has been such a crazy past few weeks for me and it only gets crazier my friends! I will blog more about it later as things get closer, but for now, lets just say in the next several weeks, I will be taking three major trips and shooting my lil’ butt off! I can’t wait to share all the photos and exciting times with you all! And to start everything off right, I have really AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, STUFF-YOU-ONLY-HOPE-FOR news!!! My dear friend MATTHEW, who I have mentioned a few times on my blog has found a match and received a bone marrow transplant a few weeks ago!!!! It is SO incredible!!!! Good news like this makes you really believe in all things good. It makes you feel like anything can happen if you wish, want and love it enough. Good things truly happen to good people! Matthew is still recovering and there are still some what-ifs, but it is safe to say Matthew is truly fortunate – not only to have such a generous donor, but also the love and support of his family and friends. Remember though, there are countless individuals who need still need the gift of life, so please continue to register and see if you can be a potential donor. You can read more about Matthew’s fight and register online by visiting www.teamMATTHEW.org. Lets all take a lesson from Matthew and never give up. Lets keep fighting and loving on :).

Here’s a pic I used from Matthew’s blog – taken at a family gathering a few months ago. Here’s Matthew and his lovely fiance Chloe – I hope to be taking some engagement photos of these two soon :).

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