May for some reason has always been an eventful month in my life and this year is no exception! Ok so my news might not be as ground breaking as what’s going on in the world right now or as life changing as the arrival of my best friend’s adorable baby boy (hi Christian!) but it’s pretty darn exciting for lil’ ol’ me!  Here is the first part to the news!  For a while now, I have been dreaming of finding the perfect space to meet my clients, do a lil’ (or a lot) of editing and expand my boudoir photography business.  Ok maybe I honestly just wanted to find a space where I can live out my decorating dreams, but nevertheless I found the absolutely perfect new home for Kim Le Photography in Costa Mesa, CA!!!  It’s super cute, super bright, super spacious and on top of that, super close to one of my favorite restaurants, California Shabu Shabu.  I just got the keys this week and there is so much I have to do it get it ready to meet clients and begin shooting!  Here are some photos of the exterior and interior from the realtor’s site (more of my photos on the way):



I already love the big windows and the brick walls but I can’t wait to show you the transformation!


And the second part of the news involves my expanding boudoir photography business!  As a girly girl myself and through my experience of photographing so many beautiful brides, boudoir photography came very naturally to me. I understand what makes a woman feel and look beautiful. I find myself enamored with the ability to capture a woman’s true beauty + personality through my boudoir photographs.  I love getting to know my clients on such a personal level and helping them feel so glamorous and gorgeous.  I never get tired of hearing how wonderful the shoot made my clients feel.  It’s so inspiring when I hear that women do these shoots for themselves and my photos brought to life an inner confidence they didn’t know they had.  As my boudoir business grew, I desired a space where I can have a more stylized, editorial feel to the photos.  I also wanted to create a place where my clients will feel comfortable and can be entirely engaged in the production of such a glamorous shoot.  So half of the new space will be the boudoir business and to formally distinguish it from my wedding business, it will operate under the name of JE T’AIME BOUDOIR.  Je t’aime is French for the phrase “I love you” and I chose it because I just love everything boudoir – the beauty of the clothes, the intimacy of the relationship and the mystery of the photos.  I guess I also fell in love with Paris from my last few trips there. I just love everything about the Parisian culture! For those of you interested, here’s how you pronounce je t’aime:


* j in je is pronounced [zh] like the g in mirage
* e is pronounced like the oo in good
* t’aime is pronounced [tem] to rhyme with them.


or view here for a lil’ French lesson (not by me =)).


From now on, I will be sharing my boudoir photography on a separate new blog which you can follow HERE.


The blog will include Je T’aime Boudoir photography and beautiful things that inspire my boudoir business as well as all of the exciting updates on the progress of the new studio space!  And if you know me, you know that I don’t have a handy bone in my lil’ body so the updates will probably go something like this : “I went to Home Depot and got lost” or “Um…what does caulking mean?!” or “Help – I can’t reach that high!” but I’m sure it will be somewhat entertaining/inspiring/embarrassing?!  And if you are handy and want to lend a hand or foot, well I can promise you loads of laugh and maybe break time over a lil’ shabu =).


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