busy bee

“shawty is a 10” Hi everyone! I have to apologize for being a lil’ behind on blogging – February was extremely busy for me and it only gets busier from here! I was so busy that I didn’t even realize that my blog has reached 10,000 hits! Soooo exciting! I started this lil’ blog 6 months ago and I’m thrilled by all the support I have received. I can’t wait to reach 1,000,000 hits! *Muhahahah*…read more

time to twitter

“wanna be startin’ somethin’” So check out that cute lil’ brown box on the top of my sidebar. See it?! Like it?! It’s the latest fad in social networking called “Twitter“. I know it sounds kinda weird, but Twitter is a neat new way of staying in touch and keeping up with friends no matter where you are or what you’re doing. So what’s one of the cool features?? Well I can send an instant…read more

new year = new blog

“changes” Congrats!!! You made it here to my fabulous new blog! YAY!!! So okay, it doesn’t look much different (why fix something that ain’t broke?!?), but it is powered by super cool WordPress. WordPress is this new advanced blogging tool with all kinds of neat features. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to blog! It’s such a fun way to express yourself and communicate to the rest of this crazy world we live in. So…read more

2000 & counting…

2000 & counting…

“gimme more” Thanks to all my visitors!!! I am thrilled today, not only because my Patriots won but also because my blog just reached 2000 hits!!! And no, most of them are not by me! Hahaha. I am so, so happy and grateful to be doing something I truly love. So please keep visiting my blog and taking the time to leave me a comment or two. It really makes my day to know people…read more