the wonder years

“time of your life” Last weekend we celebrated the bf’s and two of my friends’ birthdays with krazy go-karts, tasty brews and endless laughs. It’s always a good time when you are surrounded by good friends. I managed to get out of my go-kart alive and snapped some photos along the way. Here’s a lil’ slideshow I put together to commemorate the joyous occasion – after all you only turn 21 once ;). Just press…read more


“pieces of me” I’ve been tagged by Ms. Coconut Cream Pie so here are some tid-bits about lil ol’ me: 4 of my favorite things-to-do: 1. Travel 2. Laugh 3. Eat 4. Photograph 4 things you probably don’t know about me (but I know you would like to! =)): 1. I’m scared of ketchup, yes, ketchup. Don’t come near me with it. 2. I’m the youngest of 10 children, yes, I’m the babeeeeeeee! 3. I…read more