“pieces of me”

I’ve been tagged by Ms. Coconut Cream Pie so here are some tid-bits about lil ol’ me:

4 of my favorite things-to-do:
1. Travel
2. Laugh
3. Eat
4. Photograph

4 things you probably don’t know about me (but I know you would like to! =)):
1. I’m scared of ketchup, yes, ketchup. Don’t come near me with it.
2. I’m the youngest of 10 children, yes, I’m the babeeeeeeee!
3. I was born in New Orleans and can probably eat more crawfish than you =P.
4. I have a semi-mean poker game but a not-so-mean poker face.

4 of my favorite foods (yummy!):
1. Sushi
2. Crab
3. Chocolate soufflé
4. Mom’s beef pho

4 of my favorite songs of all time (I’m a sucker for sappy love songs):
1. “By Your Side” by Sade
2. “With Or Without U” by U2 (even better live)
3. “Lets Stay Together” by Al Green (must play at weddings)
4. “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men (you know you liked in Boomerang)

4 of my guiltiest pleasures (Only list 4?! I have waaaay too many):
1. Drinking Coke
2. Watching Reality TV (The Hills, Top Model, Big Brother, you name it!)
3. Coffee Bean Vanilla Iced Blended
4. Shopping

4 of my favorite places I’ve traveled to (*sigh*):
1. Santorini, Greece
2. Paris, France
3. Nassau, Bahamas
4. Florence, Italy

4 favorite things I own (and I don’t like to share either =)):
1. My handbags – I love them all!
2. My jeans – I love them all too!
3. Greeting cards people have given to me – I love them and save them all.
4. My C.G.

4 blogs I am tagging:
1. Vu
2. Kani, Rubin & Ella!
3. Simply Modern Weddings
4. In The Now Weddings and Events

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