matt, trish & raymond: engagement & family portrait

“love like this”

First of all, thank you Heidi & Warren for referring such an amazing couple to me! I’m telling you I have the best clients! Matt, Trish & the absolutely adorable Raymond met me in Laguna Beach, CA on Sunday for a fun engagement/family portrait session. I knew right away it was going to be great session when I got big welcome hugs from Trish & Raymond upon first meeting (don’t worry Matt – I won’t hold the missing hug against you! =)). Matt, Trish & Raymond are the cutest family ever. First of all, they are blessed with incredible good looks and secondly, they are blessed with genuine kindness and complete love. I kept thinking to myself, “how much cuter can than this lil’ family get?!” And then I noticed the cute lil’ stars Trish had drawn on all of their jeans and the cute matching black Converses they were all wearing and I was like “man, I need to get me a cute lil’ family like this!

Thank you Matt, Trish & Raymond for being so considerably sweet and wonderfully cute. I can’t wait for your wedding in 2009, which I’m sure will be as cute as you are! Ok, enough of the cuteness and on with the pics! =)

Without further a due, introducing the cutest-family-ever: Matt, Trish & Raymond:


*Sigh* total cuteness:


*Sigh* more cuteness:



Raymond was such a good boy throughout the shoot. He struck a pose when I asked him to and played quietly with his Transformers when I was shooting Matt & Trish. Except for this shot when I told him to chase the seagulls and he ended up chasing me!


Um they don’t seem to notice the seagulls =):


Ok, enough with the seagulls, time for the playground!
Matt & Trish still kissing… =)


…but, Raymond doesn’t seem to mind – he’s having a blast!


Break it up you two!



Raymond likes to kiss too! =)


Check out Matt & Raymond’s matching Volcom shirts!


Check out Trish’s radiant smile!


Ok back to kissing…my fave shots of the day:




Shot to end the day:


I had the hardest time narrowing down the pics – there were so many cute ones! For more images of the cutest-family-ever, check out Matt, Trish & Raymond’s SLIDESHOW!

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