nkotb part deux

“bringing sexy back”

So last night, after hearing the great news about NKOTB‘s comeback, I tried finding my old NKOTB t-shirt at my mom’s house. To my dismay, I think my momma sold the shirt during one of her infamous garage sales (along with my Strawberry Shortcake doll!). But to my delight, I found these old-skool pics of me and my St. Anthony of Padua schoolmates instead:

nkotb t-shirt

nkotb t-shirt

So the quality’s not that great – I had to scan these photos as there was no such thing as a digital camera back in 1989. But, check me out rocking the superfly bangs and black hair!!! Oh and how about the Vietnamese supermaket calendar in the background! LOL. I laughed so hard when I came across these photos. Don’t you like how we turned around in the 2nd pic to show off the back of the shirts??? HAHHAH…memories…*sigh*

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