nkotb returns!!!

“i’ll be loving you (forever)”

BIG, BIG news for Monday!!! The New Kids on the Block a.k.a NKOTB are making a comeback!!! You can read about the exciting details by clicking here! And boy am I excited!!! It brings me back to my childhood days when I was sporting the NKOTB shoelaces and signing my diary “Mrs. Joey McIntyre“. LOL. Sure I was like 8 years old, but I knew I was in love with Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, Danny and Donnie. I mean who doesn’t love the song “Please Don’t Go Girl“?!!! =) So when I was 8, my sister and I tricked my older neighbor into buying us concert tickets – I don’t know how we came up the moola (perhaps we emptied out our piggy banks) but we did. Sadly though, our parents did not support (in my momma’s voice) “bad boys wearing cut up jeans” and we ended up quietly sitting at home wondering what could have been.

At last though – 20 years later (how sad is that?!) redemption is mine (“muahahahha“) and I can finally sing “oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh the right stuff” loud and proud with my kooky sister and 30,000 other fans! I can’t wait for the tour and there better be one!!! Given the fact that they are no longer “new” or “kids”, I’m not sure if they will still be able to do that “right stuff” dance – you know where they kick their legs apart? Yeah, you know what dance I’m talking about =). Nevertheless, I’m ecstatic!!! I’m going to dig up my NKOTB t-shirt right away!!! I’m sure it still fits! =)

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