kim le's korner #2

“viva la vida”

After a super busy weekend in Vegas (good times =)), I have another super busy week ahead of me, so bare with me on some delayed posts. I didn’t want to fall behind on this already, so here’s this week’s edition of “Kim Le’s Korner“. More of kim le’s kookiness to come next week!

  • I just paid $4.90 for a gallon of gas today. Forgive me if I never leave the house again.
  • Does anyone else feel like they are experiencing an emotional roller coasting when watching the Lakers in the NBA finals??? But, I still believe – Lakers in 7!!!!
  • I’m worried. I didn’t get carded at the blackjack table in Vegas this past weekend. Am I finally starting to look my age?!!
  • I’m addicted to the new drink from Starbucks – the Starbucks double shot over ice. As if I need another reason to stay up late!
  • It still doesn’t feel like summer to me. I don’t know why.
  • I’m the worst text messager ever. It takes me 5 minutes to make an abbreviated sentence like this: “so how r u?”. Drivers beware.
  • I lost my food cravings! I haven’t been in the mood for anything lately! And that’s crazy because I love food! I made spaghetti last week and it lasted me for 6 meals.
  • Happy belated Father’s Day to everyone! I miss you dad.

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