kim le's korner #5

“if i had eyes” This week: short & sweet (like me=)) Ok I’m so sorry for being such a bad blogger lately but I do have a good reason!! I scratched both of my eye corneas a few weeks ago and it has been taking forever to heal. I have to wear my bottlecap glasses most of the time, have 3 prescription eye drops and still can’t be in front of the computer for long…read more

kim le's korner #4

“when i grow up” Here it goes…. The latest craze on the internet and YouTube is this ongoing online danceoff between Miley Cyrus (yes, Hannah Montana) and her friend Mandy versus a group is led by Jon Chu, who directed the dance flick Step Up 2: The Streets and Adam Sevani who also acted in the film. Miley & Mandy are calling themselves “M&M” while Chu and company are calling themselves “ACDC”. A lil’ confusing…read more

kim le's korner #2

“viva la vida” After a super busy weekend in Vegas (good times =)), I have another super busy week ahead of me, so bare with me on some delayed posts. I didn’t want to fall behind on this already, so here’s this week’s edition of “Kim Le’s Korner“. More of kim le’s kookiness to come next week! I just paid $4.90 for a gallon of gas today. Forgive me if I never leave the house…read more