kim le's korner #7

“better in time”

  • I know I’ve been really bad with my korner talk lately. I’ve been so busy with wedding season in full force and all of my travels. I’m actually leaving today for another trip – heading to the East Coast for a phamily wedding & reunion! It’s gonna be fun and chaotic – typically phamily fun! =) So once again I will be away and will have to return all my lovely emails when I get back next Wednesday.

  • Quick reality recap: I knew Joshua was gonna win SYTYCD! I can’t believe Fanny Pak got booted off and SoReal Cru is still around. I don’t know why but I’m watching that “Date My Ex” show on Bravo with Jo & Slade – it’s so fake, but nevertheless it’s on my Tivo. My new addiction is “Flipping Out” on Bravo – very interesting to see them flip homes and the guy is so OCD! Whew!! And that doesn’t even cover the Olympics! A lot to say there, but all I have to say is that the Chinese gymnasts are not 16! They look too young! GO PHELPS! Ok, I’m done with TV talk – was that quick enough??? =)

  • Here’s also a quick recap on my wonderful trip to CABO with the bf. We spent4 relaxing days (*sigh*) at the magnificent Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Holistic Retreat & Spa in gorgeous Cabo San Lucas. The resort was just amazing – it was like being a giant spa – everything smelled, sounded and looked great. The service was impeccable and the amenities were endless. Oh and you have to be 16 and up to stay there. I love kids and all but not really on my Cabo vacation! The resort was away from Downtown Cabo so it was very secluded and quiet. I loved it! We even napped on this daybed right on the sand and fell asleep to the ocean waves…*sigh* again. And then we had a couples massage under a hut right on the beach….*sigh*. I know, I have a hard life =P. So we had all these activities planned and guess what? I got food poisoning!!! Yup, I ate these really fresh yummy fish tacos at the marina and next thing I know I was going back and forth between the bed and the bathroom. So we ended up just relaxing around the resort for the most part – which was definitely not a bad thing! We did manage to squeeze in some parasailing before I got sick. I was scared – being afraid of heights and unable to swim is a bad combo for parasailing don’t cha think? But when I got up there, it was very peaceful and I kinda just took it all in. I feel fortunate to have such wonderful trips like these with such a wonderful certain someone that all the bad things that could or did happen didn’t seem so big at all. Anyhoo, with my sickness and the hot, hot weather and humidity, I got tired of carrying the SLR around so I didn’t come home with as many shots as I had liked. The bf got quite a few on his point and shoot but I have to filter those first and show ya later =). So here’s some snapshots! Here’s the entrance to our hideaway…yes another *sigh*…I can still hear the water flowing…
  • cabo

    The gorgeous view from our hotel room:


    The bf parasailing – he reminds me of a monkey here =). Bye hun! See ya later!!


    The infamous Arch near Lover’s Beach. Isn’t the color of the water amazing?!


    And finally the bf snuck the SLR and caught this shot of me as I was meditating on Lover’s Beach. Ok I wasn’t really meditating – I sensed I was being watched by the paparazzi and decided to strike a pose =).


  • I have oodles and oodles of bloggin to do when I get back – 3 weddings, a wedding rehearsal, an engagement session and oh yeah details of my East Coast trip, so please stay tuned! =)

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