kim le's korner #9

“so amazing”

Ok here’s a quick, special edition of kim le’s korner. There’s a lot going on this Holiday season so we will have to keep this short & sweet…like me =).

  • Wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. Slept for 24 hours straight. Can someone say chipmunk?. I love my sista & my momma for taking care of me.
  • Our Christmas tree is up. It’s real. It’s pretty. I heart Christmas.
  • Had 2 Thanksgiving dinners already. Another one coming this weekend. I heart food.
  • TV? No time. But “Gossip Girl” still rules. Can’t wait til January.
  • Saw Kanye & T.I. on concert on Tuesday. I feel bitter. I feel inspired. I feel so amazing. And I feel like drinking patron on ice.
  • My favorite thing about Christmas shopping is gift wrapping. Yes I’m weird.
  • Bought the book “Twilight”. Haven’t read the first page yet. Only a jillion pages to go.
  • “Love Actually”. The must see movie during the holidays.
  • More Kim Le. Coming soon. =)

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