goodbye 2009, hello 2010

“one time”

On this last day of 2009, I just wanted to take the time to say a great big THANK YOU to all of my incredible family, friends & clients who have supported me this year and every year. It has been a huge year of change for me and I am SO grateful for all of your love & support. I really can’t imagine being who and where I am today without you.

As each year ends and a new one begins, I always take some time to reflect on the year that has passed and prepare for the year that awaits. I was trying to come up with some words of cheesiness and inspiration like I usually do :), but instead I found this quote that I think perfectly represents my outlook on life. I see each day as an opportunity to live a lil’ better and love a whole lot more :). I hope that this too will provide some inspiration in your new year.

Dream what you want to dream;
go where you want to go;
be what you want to be,
because you have only one life and one
chance to do all the things you want to do.

And so I leave you will a Poladroid collage of some of the most memorable moments of 2009 with some of the people and places that made this year extra special. Most of these photos were actually taken by others or simply through my iPhone (I apologize if they are not up to par with typical Kim Le Photography :)). I think these photos really reflect what a crazy and wonderful year it has been for me and that despite whatever challenges might have come my way, I have been blessed to be surrounded by so many fabulous people and experienced so many amazing moments. And I’m sorry if you didn’t make the cut – there’s always next year! 🙂 I have to say my favorite of all the photos below is my super fly mommy rockin’ the yellow stunna shades below – see last row, 2nd photo to the right. Now you know where I get my swagger from! LOL.

2009 collage by kim le photography

Thank you and I look forward to you joining me in 2010!!!! I am super excited about the endless opportunities that await! I have a feeling – actually I KNOW it’s going to be a great year!!!

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