1. Mytran

    I like the pic with the colorful slides in the background! You both look great! <3

  2. Jean-Margaret

    These pictures are sooo sweet. You can totally tell how in love you guys are. I think doing them at the fair seems like such a fun idea.

  3. Fanntabulous

    “B”-yond “B”-eautiful!! “B” – licious!! 😉 A sweet, sexy and extraordinary team captured fabulously. Kudos Kim Le Photography. Love and countless blessings to you KB & SB! xoxo Fann

  4. Lucy Nguyen

    Love love love these ppl! The pictures are speechless, my favorite is the couple in the photobooth and kind of on the side kiss shot. Aww, I’m very happy for Katie and Shaun with their upcoming special nuptial!! BEST WISHES!!

  5. Mai

    I love love love it!!! You both look absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful

  6. You chose a really creative and awesome location for the photos. You guys look so happy & relaxed with each other – a perfect couple. I am so excited for both of you!!

  7. Bobs

    Wow Kim Le, the photos came out great! You did a really nice job on their engagent shoot!

  8. Dorothy Luong

    I love love these pictures! What a great idea to have the shoot at OC Fair. Katie looked HAWT! And yes her make up was flawless…I’m glad Katie shared these photos with me; it’s such a masterpiece!! Now I wanna do my engagement shoot all over again

  9. Netty

    Love love love this! You two look stunning! If this is what your engagments pictures look like I can’t even begin to imagine your actual wedding ones! Congrats!

  10. Sheng

    Katie is such a talented woman who is also by far sweet. Best of wishes to her and Shaun. She is super stunning!! Beautiful photos.

  11. Miss Bridget

    Absolutely LOVE the location of the shoot! 🙂 Katie & Shaun look amazing & the pictures & i have to agree, the picture of the two in the PHOTO BOOTH takes my breath away, it’s like two lovers who can’t get enough of each other. Congratulations to Katie Bee & Shaun Bee!! & great work Kim!!! 🙂

  12. irish

    i love that the pictures are set in a fun, youthful setting. it really brings out the happiness that they both have in being together. great job!

  13. Virginia

    What a beautiful and absolutely artistic photo shoot. The photos here exemplify what love is in a great depiction of youth and innocence that will last forever. You both look fabulous! Congrats to you both!

  14. Thi

    WOW! WOW & WOW! Pictures are amazing and love each and everyone of them! Love the photo with the 2 love birds kissing at the end of the slide!

  15. Mary

    I’m not surprised at how great Katie looks as she is such a talented hair & make up artist, but the photos overall look fantastic! The photos have great color, texture, & emotion. Creative location/theme. Overall, a job well done. Kudos!

  16. Kim Le

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone! Special thanks to Katie & Shaun for sizzling! 🙂

  17. Jenny

    Cute and natural pics that make the fair seem so magical. 🙂 Kudos to a great photographer and the lovely lovebirds serving as the subjects. What a beautiful couple!

  18. Thank you everyone for your kind and lovely comments. We truly appreciate your time and effort!

    Thank you Kim Le for capturing our vision of what we hoped for our engagement session so perfectly. When I first saw them I was beyond excited and looking at them over and over, I find myself tearing up at the love you captured between us. We are madly in love with each other and you were able to translate our strong feelings through your lens. You are amazing and that word doesn’t even describe how talented you are! Thank you for allowing us to have these photos to share with our family, friends, and our future children! We love you to pieces. Thanks again and see you in November!!! xoxo

  19. ann

    these pictures are amazing! KB always look stunning as always.. oh i didn’t forget about SB either! KB reminds me of kim k. but the asian version! haha

  20. Allison M.

    Whimsical, playful, & sexy! Fantastic photos of a fantastic couple! I’ve looked at these pictures more than a handful of times! They’re so beautiful & colorful, thanks to the photographer and to the lovely couple!

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