VY + BRIAN | chicago engagement

Can I just say how much I love destination engagement sessions?! When I first met with Vy + Brian, they told me how the met at optometry school in Chicago a few years ago and wanted to go back for some fun engagement photos! I said “YES” right away! I just L.O.V.E. Chicago! It has such a great city feel, friendly people and amaaazing PIZZA!!! We were a little nervous due to bad weather reports…read more

JENNIFER + DAN | santa barbara wedding

Meet Jennifer + Dan – two people beautiful inside + out. As their families + friends described them best – they are the female + male versions of one another: funny, kind, thoughtful, warm and intelligent. Their gorgeous wedding day in Santa Barbara was so emotionally charged as the love between these two is as contagious as their smiles. My favorite part of the day was actually when Jennifer teared up while getting ready because…read more


I had the pleasure of hanging out with Oanh + Kenny in some of the most beautiful places in Northern California – Muir Woods and Napa Valley for their engagement session. We combined our love for food (many, many snack breaks :)), with my love for photography and their love for each other. It was the perfect day (minus the allergies :)) and I couldn’t think of spending it with a more perfect couple. Oanh…read more

lai + mike | wedding

Lai + Mike are two of the sweetest people I know and they capped off their sweet love with a gorgeous May wedding! They spend their whole wedding day making sure that family + friends and even their wonderful vendors were taken care of :). I can’t say enough about how thoughtful Lai + Mike are! I just know that I have found not only good clients, but also good friends and boba buddies :).…read more

come what may

come what may

May has been a wonderfully busy wedding month as usual! Here’s what’s coming soon!   LAI + MIKE’s picturesque Pasadena wedding:   JENNIFER + DAN’s stunning Santa Barbara wedding:   CORINNE + BING’s magical Moraga wedding:   OANH + KENNY’s sweet Napa engagement:    

MELISSA + MICHAEL | engagement

MELISSA + MICHAEL | engagement

What do you get when you combine a gorgeous couple, a Louis Vuitton dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, amazing architecture and a helipad?! A very, VERY happy photographer. I was in photog heaven during Melissa + Michael’s fabulous engagement session. Just when we were already having a great time and I thought the day couldn’t get any better, we somehow found ourselves on top of a helicopter landing pad in downtown LA at sunset. I felt…read more



May for some reason has always been an eventful month in my life and this year is no exception! Ok so my news might not be as ground breaking as what’s going on in the world right now or as life changing as the arrival of my best friend’s adorable baby boy (hi Christian!) but it’s pretty darn exciting for lil’ ol’ me!  Here is the first part to the news!  For a while now,…read more


Usually I write a blurb about my couple and their unique and wonderful relationship.  I thought I’d tell you instead a little story from Lai + Mike’s engagement session at the Griffith Observatory. So typically my couples and I discuss engagement locations and different ways to make their session more personal (i.e. meaningful locations, props relating to their favorite things).  In Lai + Mike’s case, Mike told me flat out that they didn’t have any…read more


These two gorgeous people have quite a history together! They were childhood pen pals and didn’t even know it (Melissa recently found a letter from Ryan)! It wasn’t until high school that Melissa + Ryan started dating and have spent much of their relationship via long distance ever since. Thanks to great communication (pen pal revival :)) and many frequent flyer miles (they gave me pointers on this :)), their relationship has stood the test…read more