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I often get asked by couples for wedding planning tips and vendor referrals, which I do not mind at all. I’ve experienced quite a few weddings (but not my own! =)) so I have a general understanding of what makes a wedding great and not so great. I must admit I love hearing about the wedding planning from my couples. I think every wedding is so unique to every couple and tells such a vivid story of their relationship. From the number of guests to the colors of the bridesmaids dresses – every detail is a colorful portrayal of the couples themselves. As your wedding photographer, I make it a point to learn more about my clients and the details of their wedding day. I believe being able to relate to your clients means being able to capture images that accurately reflect the essence of your clients. So feel free to divulge every detail (well maybe not every detail – I don’t really need to know what color socks the groom plans to wear! Well maybe I do – I might snap a pic of them!!!) and feel totally free to ask away! As I have told all of my clients: “I am here to help make your wedding day everything you imagined it to be“. I am more than happy to offer any wedding related “advice”. I must however, disclaim that I am no expert =). Part of me has always wanted to be a wedding planner, but I think my demand for utter perfection would drive me and you nuts. Besides if I’m busy coordinating the wedding, who’s going to take all the beautiful pictures??? =)


And if you are a **wedding vendor** – I am always looking to network and would be delighted to meet you!!! I have met some amazing vendors through my experiences thus far (Brigitte Hurney of Save the Date! Event Planning and Christina Wright of Simply Modern Weddings to name a few) and would be delighted to expand my network. As I said, I like to learn more about the details of weddings and what better way than to learn from the experts themselves!!! So if you’re out there, holla back! =)

Another great vendor I met along the way: Flower Allie of Fullerton, CA. They provided gorgeous flowers for my sister’s June 2007 wedding. Here’s a pic of my oh-so-lovely maid-of-honor bouquet that I oh-so-gracefully carried (sort of =)):


Flower bouquet

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