kim le's korner #5

“if i had eyes”

This week: short & sweet (like me=))

  • Ok I’m so sorry for being such a bad blogger lately but I do have a good reason!! I scratched both of my eye corneas a few weeks ago and it has been taking forever to heal. I have to wear my bottlecap glasses most of the time, have 3 prescription eye drops and still can’t be in front of the computer for long periods of time. Can you say workers compensation??? I guess not since I work for myself. =(

  • I promise this is the last post regarding “The Bachelorette“, since the finale was last week =). I kinda had this feeling she was going to pick Jesse even though ABC tried tricking us as usual. I was happy for them for a second and then they got all cheesy and I was seriously grossed out, especially during the “After the Final Rose” episode where they were all over each other. They even set a wedding date already! Hmmm…I wonder if they need a wedding photographer… =) And I wonder if Graham will be invited and I’m there to take pics of his hotness…hmmm…
  • Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! All I did was eat, eat some more and then eat again. Tacos, korean BBQ, crab, hamburgers, you name it – I ate it – twice! =) Then we went and watched the not-so-great fireworks at my Alma Mater – Tustin High. Actually we parked at the local Starbucks and watched them while sipping our Starbucks Doubleshot over Ice. I was disappointed by the “finale” which only lasted about a minute. And there were no smiley face fireworks which are my fave. I guess we are in a recession. But then again I was too full to really care. My tummy was all smiles =).


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