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“like a star”

I have to be honest – I have been sick, tired and feeling a lil’ overwhelmed lately. Both my mother and my body have been telling me to slow down. But, it is so hard do so when I feel like there is still so much I want to do. Sometimes I think my mind and heart move faster than life itself. While wallowing in my sickness today, I received the sweetness gift from one of my sweetness couples and it reminded me exactly why I don’t intend to slow down. (I might just take more Vitamin C and use more sanitary hand wipes). Please don’t get me wrong – it’s not the gift that inspires me, but the act of thoughtfulness that truly touched me. It is wonderful to think that my clients enjoyed their photos so much that they took time out of their day to show their appreciation. I am truly grateful for the endless opportunities to touch people’s lives and having happy clients inspires me to continue to do so. As they say in the NBA, “this is why I play the game“! I thought it was so appropriate that the earrings were stars – I always feel like the sky is the limit and the stars are within reach. Thank you Jenny + Andrian – your thoughtfulness and love continues to inspires me!!! I can’t wait for their “i do’s” in April! And for those of you that are curious, gifts like these do not result in me giving you six-pack abs in your photos. I put forth 110% to all of my clients’ photos regardless. This was a gift after the photos were delivered! 🙂

inspiration by kim le photography

inspiration by kim le photography

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